Auctioneers Helping Auctioneers (AHA)

Helping each other
is something that we teach
in the National Auctioneers
Association (NAA),


particularly in the Certified Auctioneers Institute (the NAA’s premier designation, and the highest educational designation offered for auctioneers by any organization in the world).  Two of our staff members hold their CAI designations (Robert S. Weiman “Rob Classic” and Robert M. Weiman “Rob Lite”), a third is going into her 3rd year of the 3 year program (Tina Weiman). During CAI anytime someone says “auctioneers helping auctioneers” the group (class, or whatever) all yell back as loud as they can “AHA!!!”

Auctioneers Helping Auctioneers
While I was in Mississippi I recorded an 11 part series to train other auctioneers how to lot with their cell phones without an Internet or even a phone signal.

As  I write this, it is the end of Auctioneers week, yesterday was auctioneer day 4-16, and next week 2 of the auctioneers from Mound City Auctions are going to go help another NAA auctioneer in Mississippi (William Head) conduct an huge personal property and real estate auction. I am currently working on a social media campaign for his auction using techniques I learned earning my Auction Marketing Manager (AMM) designation that is taught by the NAA). We previously went to Mississippi to help lot the auction and taught the staff there how to lot an auction using the latest technology (mobile lotting using our cell phones and a server back in St. Louis), so we are AHAing the heck out of this one.

After this auction we are headed to Destin, Florida to help yet another auctioneer conduct the 4th largest benefit wine auction in the USA. This auction is being conducted by Ursula Hermacinski (formally with Christie’s New York, and the woman who established Christie’s wine department).

So, we are on the road again doing a little AHA work…

The auction in Mississippi went great, we had a good crowd, sold the cars, the motorcycle, the motor home, all the personal property and the home. It was a first rate auction. William Head and his crew were fantastic. After the auction William invited Tina and I to spend a few days on the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi with him, his wife and another couple. I was a very good time.

From Biloxi we went on to Destin and helped with the wine auction. It raised over 2.6 million dollars. We spent a few extra days enjoying the beach before and after the auction, then drove home. All in all it was a great trip. The whole time we were gone we had online only auctions running on our website, so we were able to both be at an inperson auction and help all the while conducting several online auctions.

Auctioneer and the ring persons form the Destin Wine Auction
Here is the crew from the Destin Wine Auction.

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