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When the time comes that you need a business appraisal, you want to deal with someone you can trust. You need someone who can not only place a value on your items, you need an appraiser who has the credentials to back it up in court if it ever comes to that. Our appraiser (Rob Weiman, CAI, GPPA, AARE, CES) has holds the Graduate Personal Property Appraiser designation from the National Auctioneer’s Association. The law of the land when it comes to appraisals is the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice or USPAP. All of our appraisals comply with USPAP, this is very important if the appraisal is ever challenged in court or by the IRS.


Mound City Auctions has appraised business assets from board room furniture to chicken fryers and from file cabinets to tanning beds. If you are in need of a USPAP compliant business appraisal look no further. We can meet your needs and get you moving. Call us today at 314-680-8599 and speak to our appraisers about your needs. We have not only taken the required classes to be designated appraisers of personal property, we teach the class. Big business or small we can handle the job. One of our appraisers (Rob Weiman, CAI, GPPA, CES, AARE) was once a licensed master electrician and worked on CNC machines, gantry mills, robots, pasta lines, furnace testers, and 8 axis NC grinders, so he knows his way around a factory machine appraisal.