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We can help you


transitional times.


When you are going through transition you need help. We have been down this road before and are listing the resources we have found to be of the most help to our customers in the past.

These are people we trust, people who have earned our trust, time after time after time. We have broken this page into sections, if you click on the links below it will take you to the section of the page that will help you in your current situation. This page is a work in progress, please be patient with us.


My parents are getting older and we want to prepare for the future:

Estate planning lawyer.

Investment Advisors.

I think Mom/Dad may have Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s resources

Mom or Dad may need to donate some items for tax purposes.

IRS & USPAP compliant personal property appraisal services.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

One of my parents has died and I need:

a Funeral Home.

an Investment Advisor.

help deciding if Mom/Dad can stay there by her/his self.

I might need to move Mom/Dad here by me.


We may need to sell Mom’s/Dad’s home and personal property

Personal Property Auctioneer

Home Inspector

Hank Jardine – Home Inspection | Amerispec

Personal Property Appraiser

USPAP Compliant Personal Property Appraiser

Auctioneer (Real Estate and Personal Property)

Mound City Auctions

 Alzheimer’s Resources

The Alzheimer’s Reading Room

The Alzheimer’s Association

The St. Louis, MO. Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association

Had a Dad” Alzheimer’s Blog

 How can Mom/Dad can stay here by herself/himself

Abba’s Hands Home Healthcare