Senior Moves

Helping a Senior Move?

At Mound City Auctions we have over 40 years combined experience working with seniors, we understand their special needs, we get it.

When a senior moves it presents different challenges than when a younger person moves. The seniors age often henders them from doing a lot of the physical work, they may have other special needs as well. They have lived longer,and have often accumulated much more personal property than a younger person, they often have health issues when they move, sometimes things like Alzheimer’s, or Dementia. These issues are game changers, they make moving seniors different than other moves.

Senior Moves are Different

A senior mover should understand seniors special needs, they need to be able to help the client determine what will fit in their new living area when they move. Often, the senior who is moving will have a whole home full of furniture and will try to convince themselves (and sometimes anyone else that will listen) that all their belongings currently housed in their 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with a basement will now fit into a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with no basement. It can be hard to let go, and very difficult to see parts of your life go away. Seniors who are moving are not just moving, they are moving into a new chapter of their life, sometimes a chapter that is not as happy as the last chapter.

Sometimes a senior who is moving has lost a partner, often in this case they are saying goodbye to their home, and the things that belonged to their loved one feels loosing their partner all over again. Senior who are moving often also need help sorting their feelings, and their things, measuring their furniture, and figuring out if their current furniture will fit comfortably into their new apartment.

Mound City Auctions can help seniors with:

  • planning, a little planning can go a long way when moving seniors
  • organization/sorting/and disposition of personal and real property
  • floor plans, making sure you furniture will fit in your new location, before you move it
  • facilitate  and oversee packing, shipment, and unpacking of wanted items that will fit in your new location
  • selecting and dealing with the licensed, bonded and insured movers
  • designating which unwanted items to auction, donate, sell directly or donate
  • arranging donations of unwanted items that have little value to you or others but are still usable
  • arranging for storage of any items that require storage
  • packing and shipping any items that are to be sent to relatives
  • cleaning out and disposal of items that can not be sold (excludes hazardous waste)
  • cleaning and preparing your home for sale by means of a conventional real estate sale or by auction.

At Mound City Auctions we supply many of these senior move services ourselves, others we oversee and manage. We can manage your senior’s move from start to finish. Often seniors find themselves alone and needing help, either they never had children or their children have moved out of state and it is impracticable for many reasons for them to return home for the moving process. Sometimes they do not have any vacation, or the distance is simply to far or (as often is the case with our aging population) the children are not physically able to help with a move either. This is when our senior move services can be of great help.

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