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Personal Property
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Appraisal Services

At Mound City Auctions we have a great deal of experience in appraisals and valuation services. We have appraised everything from machine guns to medical practices, from estates to burned down fast food restaurants.

Valuation Services
and Appraisals:

When you need an appraisal for an estate in St. Louis, MO. (or elsewhere) we are your clear choice. From fine antiques to rugs, from furniture to coin collections we can value your estate. Mound City Collectibles and Auctions LLC is the choice of Trustees and Attorneys from all parts of Missouri to find the value of their client’s estates.

Our appraiser Rob Weiman, CAI, GPPA, AARE, CES, AMM, BAS was on the re-write committee for the National Auctioneer’s Associations Graduate Personal Property Appraisers (GPPA) class. Our appraisals comply to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice or (USPAP).

Call us today at 314-680-8599 to schedule your estate appraisal consultation.

Restaurant Appraisals:

Restaurant equipment appraisals

We have experience appraising restaurants or major law firms and insurance companies, including hypothetical appraisals after the restaurant has been damaged or destroyed by a fire. We have conducted restaurant appraisals for clients as far away as Texas.

The greater St. Louis, MO. area is known for it’s restaurants from Soulard to Laclede’s Landing, from The Hill to St. Charles. If you have the need for a restaurant appraisals let us show you how well we can appraise your restaurant equipment in compliance with the law of the land USPAP. With our experience in the auction and valuation business we can get your restaurant appraised and appraised correctly. Our GPPA designated appraiser can not only appraise your restaurant, we can back our appraisal up in court (standard rates apply). Call us today to set up a free consultation.

Vintage Comic Book Appraisals:

Comic book appraiser

With over 600 World record prices selling vintage comic books we know the market. Why spend your money for an appraisal that will get thrown out by a court or the IRS if it is ever challenged? Why would you hire an appraiser to appraise your comic book collection if that appraiser does not hold a designation from a a group certified by the Appraisal Foundation?

If your appraiser does not give you a USPAP compliant appraisal the IRS, or the court is likely to throw it out, and you will have not only wasted your money on the appraisal, but you may well lose your case!

Let us put a value on your collection. We stand ready to back it up in court (standard rate apply) and defend our appraisal opinion.

Here is what the National Auctioneers Association says about their GPPA class:

GPPA (Graduate Personal Property Appraiser)

WHAT is GPPA? GPPA is very different from NAA’s other designations in two ways: It’s longer (five days), and it’s not about auctions.

GPPA is designed to give auctioneers both more skill and acumen in appraising personal property and also another potential revenue stream as a professional appraiser.

Attendees learn to appraise all types of personal property, from art to antiques, heavy equipment to general household goods, vehicles to collectibles. The class focuses on process rather than asset class: attendees complete a minimum of three appraisals in class.

GPPA teaches attendees to appraise according to USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), which is a two-day class also offered by NAA.

HOW can you get the Designation?

  • Register for the CES class.
  • Before the class starts, you’ll receive a link to the prerequisite course and exam. Before you come to class, you must pass the exam. (unless you hold another NAA designation)
  • Attend all five days of the designation class.Become USPAP compliant by taking the two day (15 hour) USPAP class and passing the exam. NAA offers USPAP in conjunction with GPPA, and most attendees take the two classes in succession, resulting in seven days of class.
  • After the class, to obtain the designation, submit USPAP compliant appraisal.
  • All requirements must be completed within 90 days of taking the GPPA course.

WHO teaches GPPA?