How to Choose an Auctioneer

How to choose an auctioneer,

auction house or auction company.

by Rob Weiman




  1. How do they rank with the Better Business Bureau?

Our firm has an A rating with the BBB. How does your auctioneer rate,  (we currently have an A+ rating) 

check and see here.

  1.  Do they hold a current Auctioneer’s license?

 Some Auctioneers are not licensed. When considering an auctioneer for your items one of your first questions should be,  are you licensed (if a license is required in your area, or state, or whatever state you want the auction to be conducted in).  If they are not licensed, move on. We are currently licensed in St. Charles County, MO. 

  1. Are they a full time Auctioneer or Appraiser?

Many Auctioneers have a day job and can only do your auction in their spare  time. You have to ask yourself, do you want a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker handling your auction in their off time? Wouldn’t you rather have someone look after your auction needs whose livelihood depends solely on the auction and appraisal business? At Mound City Auctions, we are a full time auction and appraisal company. This is what we do, it’s what our kids do, it’s all we do. 

  1. Do they hold private or public auctions?

Private auctions may invite bidder collusion by limiting the number of bidders to only a select few. This might provide a setting wherein bidders make deals not to bid against each other. We hold public auctions at Mound city Auctions. By inviting the public, we encourage competitive bidding at our auctions.

  1. Are they members of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA)?

At Mound City Auctions, we are NAA members. We invite you to use this link and check. Some St. Louis auctioneers use the NAA logo but are not NAA members. This brings up a trust issue. If they will use the NAA logo when they are not an NAA member, you have to wonder if you can trust anything else they say. If you find yourself sitting across the table from an Auctioneer who is not a member of the NAA , you should ask, why they don’t put their time and money into an organization which has a mission statement that is.:”To provide critical resources to auction professionals that will enhance their skills and successes.”?

We are not only NAA members, our auctioneer has been an NAA instructor, an NAA Educational Institute Trustee, a member of the NAA Speakers Bureau, and has taught auctioneer classes in Florida, Wisconsin, Texas, Missouri, Nevada, and Colorado, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Indiana including classes at the NAA International Conference and Show.

  1. Do they hold any current NAA designations?

    Are they a certified auctioneer?

Two of our auctioneers have attended and graduated from the NAA’s Certified Auctioneer’s Institute and hold the CAI designation.  CAI is the highest designation an Auctioneer can achieve. One is in their 3rd year at CAI. Are they a NAA Certified Estate Specialists (CES)? Two members of our staff hold the CES designation (one helped re-write the class). Are they NAA  Accredited Auctioneer’s of Real Estate? Our Auctioneer holds the NAA AARE designation . Have they earned their Graduate Personal Property Appraisal certification? Our auctioneer not only holds the GPPA designation he has taught the GPPA class for the NAA, and was asked to help re-write the GPPA class. Do they hold the NAA Auction Marketing Manager (AMM) designation? Our lead auctioneer not only holds the AMM designation, he was the chairman of the re-write committee for this very popular NAA class. 

  1. Is your auctioneer a member of the
    Missouri Professional Auctioneer’s Association (MPAA)?

Like the NAA, the MPAA is an organization of auctioneers that are trying to improve themselves. If your auctioneer is not striving for continuous improvement, why would you want to hire them? Our lead auctioneer is not only a member of the MPAA he is a past board of directors member and the Past President of the group.

  1. How is this auctioneer with Technology?

If you do a Google search, do they show up on the first page? Do they show up on the 2nd page, do they show up anywhere? If they do show up on the first page, how many times are they there? Remember, Google is where many of the people you want to buy your items go to find an auction, or an Auctioneer in their area. Our Auctioneer has a BS in Computer Science and has worked as a Software Engineer for Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed Martin, Paylinx and Cybersource. Members of our staff have presented classes on technology for Auctioneers at the NAA National Conference and show and taught fellow NAA members about the latest Internet marketing techniques via Internet seminars (webanars)  and at State conventions including the Texas Auctioneers Association, the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association,  the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association, the Colorado Auctioneers Association, the Massachusetts Auctioneers Association, the Kentucky Auctioneers Association, and the Minnesota Auctioneers Association.

  1. Do they have a web site?

If they do not have a web site, you might want to look elsewhere. If they do have a web site, you should look at it. Can you find the information you are looking for on their web site? Can you locate their upcoming auctions on their web site? How easy is it to find your way around on their web site? Are there broken links or outdated information on their web site?

  1. Do they use Auctionflex/Bidopia, Icollector, Artfact, Auctionzip live, Bidspotter, AuctionTime, or another on-line bidding site?

If they do not use these services, you will be selling your items to a limited crowd. Some items warrant having this increased exposure. We offer on-line bidding to our clients using any of the previously mentioned platforms. We simply have more online auction experience than any other auctioneer in St. Louis.

  1. Does the auctioneer hold or have they ever set any World Record prices?

We have set over 600 World Record prices selling items at auction. These World Record prices were set right here in the greater St. Louis, MO. area in auctions we conducted in both St. Charles, and St. Louis. These records are all verified by a 3rd party so you will not have to take our word on it.

 Please call us at 314-680-8599. We would love to answer these and any other questions you might have for us, and we can discuss your options and our auction calendar with you. We look forward to hearing from you! If you would rather use email, you can reach us at


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