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Estate Auctions:

When you find yourself setting an estate, you want a problem solver. You need someone who can lift a burden from your shoulders, and help you move on. We are problem solvers.

We offer our estate auction clients a wider array of auction and appraisal services than any auction company in St. Louis.

Not every estate has the same problems, some clients need the personal property removed and sold at auction elsewhere, we can handle that problem. Some estates need to keep the costs down and want the personal property sold on place, we can do that.

With over 600 documented World record prices for selling Personal property at auction we are the clear market leader in St. Louis and in Missouri for selling personal property at auction. We have conducted hundreds of estates auctions, and estate sales. We have sold a comic book collection for over a million dollars and a baseball glove for $16,800. We would like to set our next World record selling something for you! call us today at (314) 680-8599 for your free auction consultation or visit our estate auction page for more info..

Benefit Auctions:

When it comes to benefit auctions you need a specialist. You need someone who has the energy to light up the room, to make people want to give, to help them, help your group or cause. You need a benefit auction specialist. We have just the people you need and have helped raise millions for charity. To see more about our benefit and fundraising auction services click here.

Coin Auctions:

We would love to talk to you about selling your coin collection at of one of coin auctions. Coin auctions are perfect for online auctions, we can expose your coin collection to the World. Call us today at (314) 680-8598 for more information.

Land and Farm Auctions:

We would love to talk with you about how we can use the auction method of marketing to increase the value of your farmland, from multi-parcel bidding to accelerated marketing we can bring the true value of your farm to light for you. Why not call us today at 314-680-8598 to learn more?

Vintage Comic Book Auctions:

With over 600 world record prices selling vintage comic books under our belt we clearly know how to market and sell vintage comic books. Call us today for a free consultation on your vintage comic book collection. Please note that comics with a cover price over 25 cents are seldom valuable so if your collection contains only modern comics it might be better suited as a donation to your favorite charity.

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