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Considering having an Estate Sale company sell your items? Why you should think again. We are the St. Louis Estate Auction Pros.

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Our Auctioneer is a certified real estate auction expert who is considered by the National Auctioneer’s Association to be in the top 1% or all real estate auctioneers in the entire USA.

Picking an Auctioneer can be a daunting task. Many factors come into play. If you find yourself needing an Auctioneer, you should consider the following:

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Mission Statement

At Mound City Auctions we are auction professionals and leaders in the auction industry. We provide our clients a turn-key solution to the problems they are facing, and are in the forefront of technology and customer service. We prove a full spectrum of services to allow our customers to decide how we can best serve them. Our services include appraisals, real estate auctions, in person/on-site auctions, consignment auctions, benefit/fund-raising auctions, on-line/Internet auctions and vintage comic book auctions. We provide these services primary in the greater St. Louis, MO. area but we travel to conduct auctions all over the United States. We use customer feedback, and self evaluations to constantly improve our services and processes.

Let Mound City Auctions handle your Appraisal and Auction needs. We specialize in custom marketing to sell your property using the Auction Marketing Method. We are Industry leaders with 600 documented World Record prices. Both of our auctioneers have earned the highest designation the NAA offers (the Certified Auctioneer’s Institute, CAI). We offer auction services for Estate Auctions, Real Estate, Comic Books and other Collectibles, Business & Restaurant Liquidations, and Charity/Benefit Auctions.

We conduct Personal Property Appraisals, our Auctioneer is a National Auctioneers Association Graduate Personal Property Appraiser (and is on the staff to teach the class as well). To find out more about our services click the link below.

Dear Rob and Tina,

This letter is long overdue, but I just wanted to take a few minutes and express my sincere gratitude for your services.  

Just to recap.  It all started when my Aunt passed away in December of 2008.  Her son, my cousin, preceded her in death in January of 2008.  When my Aunt passed, there was nothing left in order as far as legally.  Everything that she owned had to go through probate.  All I was concerned about was disposing of everything as the house was in absolute disarray. I googled auctioneers for the St. Louis area and your name came up first.  I want people to know that God’s hand was in this as will be disclosed throughout this letter.  When Tina first came out to my Aunt’s house to determine what would be best to do, I signed a contract that day.  I didn’t even know you, didn’t check references, just signed.  I had a peace about you that you were good honest people and that you would only have my best interest at heart.  

Throughout the tour of the house, there were some comic books in the basement.  You non-chalantly stated that you thought it might be better to sell these at some type of convention center in the St. Charles area.  I didn’t think much about it at the time.

 We went ahead and sold the contents of the house first.  You all took care of everything.  All I did was show up, and I didn’t even have to do that.  Keep in mind that during this time of my personal life, I absolutely didn’t have time to deal with this, but you did.  

Next we auctioned off the house.  We were both a little disappointed I believe, because it didn’t bring nearly the amount we were hoping for.  

Finally, behind the scenes, you all and your staff were all working full time on the comic books.  The interest in them kept growing stronger and stronger.  You all made the two trips to Florida for the grading of the comic books.  You all made the trip to Chicago to attend the comic book convention.  You all worked and supervised the approximate 4 to 5 thousand man hours to prepare the comic books.  

When it was all said and done, at Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, the little comic book auction grossed a little over 1 million dollars.  

The point of this story to those who may be reading this letter is this.  You all could have taken me to the cleaners had you wanted to.  I probably wouldn’t have known any different.  You could have sold them along with the contents of the house and it would have brought probably nothing.  You could have bought them from me yourself for whatever dollar amount you wanted to and I probably would have taken it, but you didn’t.  

You all are people of integrity.  You are honest.  You are good Christian people and I highly recommend you to anyone that may be looking for the services that you offer.  

I love you both and I feel as though I have new friends through this experience.  

       Thank you,

       Paul E. Mason

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In April a tornado hit Hazelood, MO I took some videos of the damage as it missed my home by less than 100 feet.  If you are looking for the video click the link above.

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Mound City Auctions has sat over 600 World record prices on everything from sports memorabilia to vintage comic books by selling at auction! Now we are being featured as the auctioneers on the Discovery Network’s new show Salvage City.

Our crew can take your items and expose them to the World. From Sports memorabilia to vintage comic books, from real estate to Civil War items St. Louis Auctioneer Mound City Auctions has produced fantastic results for our customers.

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St. Louis, MO. Auctioneer, St Louis, MO. Auctions

Watch Auctioneer Rob Weiman conduct a benefit/Fundraiser auction for St. Louis, MO. Charity, Great Circle.  More Fund Raising video is on the our benefit auction page.

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